Asset recovery

Corporate intelligence to turn judgment debts into assets

What we do

According to research, 58% of companies have been left with unpaid judgments from a commercial litigation or arbitration award—often after expending millions—when the losing side simply refused to pay or hid assets offshore. The result: Lost value to companies that are worth billions on a global basis.

Led by the founders of boutique Focus Intelligence Ltd., which was acquired by Burford in January 2015, our global asset tracing and corporate intelligence team helps clients and firms solve this all too common problem: transforming judgment debts from worthless “legal paper” into available capital.

Our approach to this complex area is unique. We combine data-driven analysis (including using our own proprietary databases) with human intelligence to gather actionable intelligence on judgment debtors, and then our lawyer-led team uses its career-long experience to develop and execute multi-jurisdictional strategy based on that intelligence.

Burford offers world-class asset tracing and judgment enforcement capabilities along with a range of financing options—which clients and firms can deploy to transform legal paper without adding cost and risk to corporate balance sheets.

  • Trace assets around the world
  • Provide evidence of beneficial ownership
  • Overcome bars to potential recovery
  • Investigate case and opposition
  • Realize a timely and efficient settlement or monetization

What makes us unique

We offer world-class asset tracing and judgment enforcement capabilities and a team that has successfully recovered millions for claimants in challenging jurisdictions around the world.

Unique in our industry, we also offer multiple ways to finance our services—from a straight fee-for-service model to solutions that move cost and risk off balance sheets. Among other options, we offer our services on an entirely contingent basis.

  • Fee-based advisory services
  • Contingent services (paid when cash proceeds realized)
  • The purchase of unsatisfied judgments and awards


Our asset recovery team has recovered hundreds of millions in lost value for companies around the world.

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