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What we do

Antitrust claims are among the most complex, expensive and high-stakes commercial cases. The legal talent needed to litigate matters is highly specialized, and significant out-of-pocket expenses may be incurred even at very early stages of the litigation. Expert witnesses play a particularly important role in competition cases, and the need to retain them early on is typically critical to alleging a well-pleaded and sustainable complaint.

Financing of antitrust claims remains a growing area of need for clients and for law firms—and even more so as the Department of Justice continues to crack down on anti-competitive behavior in the US and changing laws in the UK and Europe make it increasingly more feasible for meritorious cases to be brought. For example, €30 million in financing enabled global claimants’ law firm Hausfeld to represent clients in competition litigation in Germany, where contingency arrangements are prohibited.

  • Non-recourse funding of legal fees and expenses at any stage
  • Enables clients to work with firm of choice and manage high expert and expense costs
  • Allows firms to develop competition portfolio without increasing risk
  • Provides capital to client or firm across pool of existing or future matters

How we’re different

Burford has worked with scores of clients and firms pursuing arbitration claims, financing legal fees and expenses in both single matters and portfolios of matters. Our team has significant experience in the US and the UK, both from having reviewed hundreds of antitrust matters as well as previous in-house experience at Fortune 50 companies and leading global law firms.


Burford’s team includes former heads of antitrust at Fortune 50 corporations and lawyers with extensive trial experience in competition litigation.

Aviva Will

Senior Managing Director

Peter Benzian

Managing Director

Christopher Catalano

Managing Director


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