Risk management & insurance

Solutions to manage risk from start to finish

What we do

Clients and firms regularly assume significant legal risk alongside legal cost exposure. Burford provides a variety of solutions to help manage these risks.

We often de-risk pending claims by monetizing an expected award or judgment on appeal. Because Burford’s funding is provided on a non-recourse basis—repaid only with a successful outcome—that monetization effectively locks in success and removes appellate risk for the client or firm.

In cost-shifting jurisdictions, adverse costs risk effectively doubles claimants’ exposure for legal fees and expenses. Burford can provide insurance for matters we are funding to protect them from that risk.

For firms, our financing removes the risk of expanding contingent or conditional fee practices. Beyond litigation, we can also provide risk management solutions for firms with active M&A practices, where “success fees” are common.

  • Shift risk from client or firm to third party
  • Insure Burford funded matters against adverse costs
  • Monetize expected judgment
  • “Lock in” judgment on appeal
  • Protect against risk of adverse costs
  • Manage risk of “success fees” associated with M&A work

What makes us unique

Our team is especially adept at judging appellate risk, and includes former Supreme Court clerks with success in assessing claims at the highest appellate level.

As the largest provider of litigation finance, Burford’s experience makes our team uniquely capable in helping clients and firms assess and manage risk.

We’re the only finance provider to offer adverse costs insurance in-house, resulting in a seamless funding solution in cost-shifting jurisdictions.


Veterans of the world’s top law firms, Burford’s team combines knowledge and experience in law with the financial savvy to consistently innovate new financing options for clients and law firms.

Aviva Will

Senior Managing Director

Ross Clark

Chief Risk Officer

Nicholas Cooper

Portfolio Manager


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