Asset recovery

A majority of in-house lawyers report that their companies have unenforced judgments or uncollected awards valued at $20 million or more. When the losing side simply refuses to pay or hides assets offshore, that results in lost value to companies on a massive scale.

What we do

Burford’s global asset tracing and corporate intelligence team helps clients and firms address enforcement challenges, transforming judgment debts from “legal paper” into cash.

Led by the founders of Focus Intelligence Ltd., acquired by Burford in 2015, Burford’s team combines human intelligence with data-driven analysis (including our own proprietary databases) to gather actionable intelligence on judgment debtors. Our lawyer-led team then deploys a multi-jurisdictional strategy based on that intelligence.

Burford is the only major legal finance provider with its own in-house global corporate intelligence and asset recovery business, giving our clients the benefit of our combined capital and investment expertise and top-level global judgment enforcement.


Contingent solution: Burford provides asset recovery services on a financed basis in exchange for a share of whatever recovery is generated, removing the risk of pursuing assets for the client.

Fee-based advisory solution: Burford provides asset recovery services on a consultancy, fee-for-service basis, with the client retaining the full benefit of any recovery.

"I take virtually every case to [Burford]; their internal capacity is better than what I can pay for on the open market. They're not a seller and doing marketing or anything—they do investigations." Partner, white collar crime, top global law firm

How we help

  • Advise on the feasibility of enforcing any judgment or award
  • Select local counsel and advisors in novel and challenging jurisdictions
  • Trace assets of individuals, commercial entities and sovereign states
  • Gather intelligence to inform engagement strategy and effect settlement
  • Retrieve primary documentary or digital evidence
  • Investigate fraud or white-collar crime
  • Establish legal and beneficial ownership
  • Overcome bars to potential recovery

Why Burford


Asset recovery specialists

Burford’s 20+-person asset recovery team works with law firms and companies around the world.

Chambers-ranked team

Burford is top-ranked in the UK for business intelligence and investigations.
2out of3

Companies have outstanding high-value judgment debts

The majority of companies have unenforced judgments valued at $20 million or more.

Contact our team

Burford’s asset recovery team has recovered hundreds of millions in lost value for companies around the world.

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Michael Redman

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Daniel Hall

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