Law firms and litigants often face a timing problem when it comes to getting paid. Law firms with earned but not yet collected fees face an ongoing challenge to recognize this revenue. Companies often fight long and hard to get a positive judgment or award but may have to “hurry up and wait” for a slow-to-pay judgment debtor or a long approval process.

What we do

Burford offers a range of financing solutions designed to help solve the “timing problem” by providing immediate liquidity to companies and law firms when the only remaining challenge is one of collection.

Law firms

Burford can purchase a portion of a firm’s outstanding receivables, allowing the firm to convert its receivables to cash. In hourly fee matters, this generates revenue regardless of when clients ultimately pay bills. In resolved contingent fee matters, it generates revenue even if a court has not yet approved a settlement or payment is delayed for some other reason.


Burford can provide non-recourse capital to the judgment or award holder in a successful litigation or arbitration, in exchange for some portion of the final recovery. Unlocking the future value of cases guarantees financial results on an accelerated basis—providing an inflow of cash that companies can use to cover the cost and fees to litigate matters or deploy for other business purposes.

How we help

  • Accelerate receipt of outstanding receivables
  • Monetize attorney’s fees post-settlement
  • Purchase payment streams from settlements and judgments
  • Structure large litigation settlements

Why Burford

Burford offers competitive pricing and has a 10-year track record of working with the world’s largest law firms and companies.

As the world’s best-capitalized provider of legal finance, Burford has the capacity to close transactions quickly and at scale.

Contact our team

Burford conducts all investment diligence in-house—so we can be quick, precise and creative in our response.

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