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In cost-shifting jurisdictions, adverse costs risk effectively doubles claimants’ exposure to legal fees and expenses. Adverse cost protection is often a prerequisite in large cases as individual defendants are typically unwilling to take on the kind of joint and severe adverse costs exposure that can exist in such cases.

What we do

What Burford is offering is relatively new. If you go to any of the other funders, they will usually say they’ve only got between two and five million pounds behind them to cover adverse costs. They don’t have in-house insurance. Disputes partner, Legal Business

Burford can provide insurance for matters we are funding to protect them from adverse costs risk with our own wholly owned insurer Burford Worldwide Insurance Limited (BWIL).

How we help

  • Insure Burford-funded matters against adverse costs
  • Equip clients and firms to pursue significant litigation in cost-shifting jurisdictions, particularly in high-cost areas such as competition
  • Protect clients and firms from potential adverse risk in large arbitration matters


Why Burford

Burford has extensive experience in providing adverse cost insurance, having written over 50,000 such policies in its very successful English insurance business.

We’re the only finance provider to offer adverse costs insurance in-house, resulting in a seamless funding solution in cost-shifting jurisdictions.

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Burford’s team has unparalleled experience and expertise in developing financing and insurance solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

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