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CFOs poised to unlock more value from legal: The 2021 Legal Asset Report

June 30, 2021

CFOs add value by bringing a financial mindset to the whole enterprise—yet it remains the case that too many companies leave millions of dollars on the table when they fail to bring a financial approach to their legal assets. But this is beginning to change, as new research shows.

Burford’s 2021 Legal Asset Report: A Survey of Finance Professionals is based on new research with senior finance professionals in the US, UK and Australia.

Join Burford Chief Financial Officer Ken Brause and Senior Vice President Elizabeth Fisher as they share key insights from the research and highlight opportunities for CFOs to bring a commercial mindset to the legal department, just as they do to other areas of the business.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to enhance liquidity and reduce risk through untapped legal assets
  • The benefits of applying a commercial mindset to legal departments
  • How Burford can help in capitalizing the value of legal claims


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