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Bad debtors playbook

  • Asset recovery
November 17, 2020

Too often, companies focus on securing a judgment, but give no thought as to how money will actually be recovered or the hurdles faced along the way. In fact, sixty-five percent of in-house lawyers reported that their companies have unenforced judgments or uncollected awards valued at $20 million or more. Burford’s asset global asset tracing and corporate intelligence team helps clients and firms address enforcement challenges, transforming unenforced judgments or uncollected awards from “legal paper” into cash. A product of years of experience, Burford’s team has a keen understanding of the typical tactics used by debtors to delay frustrate and evade enforcement. 

In this hour-long webcast, Burford’s heads of asset recovery Daniel Hall and Michael Redman, share a bad debtors playbook, discussing the telltale actions of bad debtors, what clients should know and how an asset recovery team can help. 

Attendees will learn:

  • What to expect and plan for when securing a judgment
  • What does enforcement actually look like and its impact on legal budgets
  • The role of legal finance and asset recovery professionals in contested enforcement

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