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Helping GCs survive and thrive in uncertain times: Using litigation finance to manage working capital

April 14, 2020

In an hour-long Burford Briefing Co-COOs Aviva Will and David Perla discuss how GCs use legal finance to enhance working capital and achieve cost management and value generation aims in an economic downturn. With insights drawing upon their 10+ years of legal finance expertise as well as their own in-house experience at Fortune 50 and start-up companies. 

By watching the webcast you will learn:

  • How legal departments can help their companies generate working capital through monetizations of existing claims and judgments
  • How legal departments can pursue strong claims with counsel-of-choice in uncertain economic times without reducing working capital
  • How in-house teams can de-risk their litigation portfolios and achieve greater control over the timing of their recoveries
  • What matters are most suitable for legal finance
  • Which questions GCs should address when considering legal finance
  • What criteria GCs should look for in a legal finance provider


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