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Expert insights: A recap of Q1 webcasts on the business of law

April 2, 2024
Liz Bigham
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Burford’s Q1 2024 webcasts—all of which are available for replay—covered a variety of topics on trends and best practices in commercial disputes and legal finance, and featured industry experts from Burford as well as leading law firms and consultancies. Below is a summary of key takeaways.

Securing legal finance: Demystifying the funding process

The webcast provided a comprehensive overview on how to secure legal finance. Leveraging insights from Burford’s new PLI book on commercial legal finance, the speakers delved into topics such as factors that qualify commercial matters for funding, the legal finance diligence process, how legal finance can add value beyond capital during review and case monitoring, what to look for in a legal finance partner and more. 

Watch the full replay of the webcast here.


An overview of legal finance in England & Wales

Charlie Rooke, co-author of the England and Wales chapter in Burford’s new PLI book on commercial legal finance, and Macfarlanes Partner Malcolm Hitchings discussed legal finance in England and Wales, where it is recognized as a prominent aspect of modern litigation. 

The two explored the development of legal finance, highlighting its increasing use by businesses and law firms as a specialized form of corporate finance. The speakers covered key regulations related to funding, the use of legal finance by law firms and businesses in the region and the anticipated future development of the industry. The panelists also provided an overview of the principles, rules, and practices governing legal finance in England and Wales, offering valuable insights for both law firms and businesses.

Watch the full replay of the webcast here.

A conversation with Brad Hildebrandt: Achieving law firm growth in uncertain times

David Perla and Aviva Will led an insightful discussion with Brad Hildebrandt, lead author of one of the industry’s most highly anticipated annual reviews of law firm economics, the Citi Hildebrandt Client Advisory[SB2] .


The speakers provided insights into what the numbers say about the legal market and industry performance in 2023, the impact of legal tech investment and AI and key factors influencing the industry in 2024 and beyond. As Aviva Will was quoted in The American Lawyer’s article on the webcast, "big law and litigation finance seem to be having a moment," and there has been "'a recent uptick in interest from companies and large law firms.'"


Watch the full replay of the webcast here.

Navigating litigation financing in Asia

Quentin Pak and Emily Tillet, co-authors of the Asia chapter in Burford's PLI book on commercial legal finance, spoke with Drew & Napier Director Blossom Hing about the evolving landscape of legal finance in Asia. They provided an overview of the history, regulations and types of legal finance available in Singapore and Hong Kong. The speakers also explored the impact of litigation financing on the Asian legal market and underlined key considerations for engaging in litigation financing in the region, highlighting real-world case studies and examples to illustrate successful applications of legal finance in the region.

Watch the full replay of the webcast here.