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Burford Insights: Should we expect a post Covid-19 bankruptcy surge?

  • Bankruptcy & insolvency
May 10, 2021


Learn about restructuring and insolvency trends post-Covid, what kinds of bankruptcy-related litigation we are seeing and how trustees can manage the associated litigation risk.

Burford Insights: Should we expect a post Covid-19 bankruptcy surge?


Litigation poses a unique challenge for insolvent or distressed or claimants—but high-value claims can be among their most valuable assets. 

Burford's Connor Murphy is a Director with responsibility for originating new business with US law firms and companies. Prior to joining Burford, he was Managing Director, Advisory, at BDO Advisory USA, where he led their global business development for forensics, concentrating on cross-border disputes and investigations. In this video, he explains whether we should expect a post Covid-19 bankruptcy surge: 

  • The restructuring and insolvency trends expected as government support is withdrawn

  • Why bankruptcy filings to date are lower than expected

  • How trustees can manage litigation risk to unlock value for creditors

This video was recorded on 6 May 2021.

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