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Burford Insights: How to address the gender gap in patent law?

  • Diversity in law
  • Patent & IP
May 14, 2021
Katharine Wolanyk


Learn why patent law has a particularly stark gender gap, why we need more women patent lawyers and inventors and how The Equity Project can help drive change.

Burford Insights: How to address the gender gap in patent law?


Less than 18% of patent attorneys are women and women represent only 12% of inventors of US patents. 

Burford's Katharine Wolanyk is a Managing Director with responsibility for leading Burford’s Chicago office and its award-winning intellectual property and patent litigation finance business. She is an industry leader in financing intellectual property and patent litigation. In this video, she explains how to address the gender gap in patent law: 

  • Why gender disparity is particularly stark in patent law

  • Why it is important to encourage an increase both in patent inventors and women lawyers specializing in patent law

  • How The Equity Project can be used as a tool to increase the representation of women in patent litigation

This video was recorded on 7 May 2021. 

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