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Latest Burford Quarterly Explores 15 Years of Growth and Evolution in Legal Finance

April 18, 2024
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Experts from top law firms and consultancies weigh in on how legal finance has transformed the business of law



New York, April 18, 2024 – Burford Capital, the leading global finance and asset management firm focused on law, today releases its latest Burford Quarterly, a journal of legal finance that explores the top trends at the nexus of law and finance.


Articles in the Burford Quarterly 2 2024 include:


·   Visualizing 15 years of legal finance 

Since its founding, Burford has deployed $7.7 billion to the business of law, which represents billions in value creation and cost avoidance for businesses. This article illustrates what $7.7 billion represents in value generation, lawyer hours and more.


·   Leveraging disputes: How CFOs are generating value from legal assets 

      As CFOs navigate financial challenges in an uncertain economy, they seek new ways to add value. Strategic management of legal assets to optimize their balance sheets and enhance liquidity can accomplish this. 


·   From defense to offense: The strategic evolution in corporate claims pursuits

Businesses are becoming more strategic and efficient in how they approach litigation and arbitration claims, protecting their interests while maintaining focus on core operations.


·  Global perspectives: Trends shaping the commercial arbitration landscape

     Experts shed light on current trends shaping the global commercial dispute landscape including the use of AI, the impact of current conflicts and geopolitical tensions and the increasing importance of legal finance in arbitration. 


·    Expert insights: Offshore insolvency roundtable

Burford moderates a roundtable of offshore insolvency experts as they discuss top challenges and opportunities in offshore markets.


David Perla, Co-COO of Burford Capital, said: “Our latest Burford Quarterly demonstrates how far Burford and the commercial legal finance industry has evolved since Burford’s founding 15 years ago. What was once considered a niche tool for impecunious claimants is now widely accepted as a mainstream corporate finance solution by CFOs, GCs, law firm litigators and insolvency practitioners.”






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