• Webcast

How we follow the money

  • Matthew Toma, Daniel Hall

In this hour-long webcast, Burford Director and Co-Head of Asset Recovery, Daniel Hall, and Associate, Matthew Toma, address lawyers and in-house counsel looking to better understand the asset tracing process. 

They provide an overview of the asset tracing process, including a comprehensive summary of the advanced, and often clever, jurisdictional arbitrage techniques used to find, restrain and ultimately recover assets in multi-jurisdiction asset recovery exercises. In addition, the webcast covers several case studies, highlighting the ways in which Burford’s in-house global corporate intelligence and asset recovery business provides clients with top-level global judgment enforcement.

By watching the webcast you will learn:

  • How the asset recovery process works
  • What to expect when working with an asset recovery team
  • Answers to commonly asked questions regarding asset tracing
  • How to use legal finance to facilitate asset recovery

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