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A review of key commercial legal finance decisions

  • Jonathan Molot, Andrew Cohen

Growing interest in commercial legal finance by companies large and small makes it more important than ever for lawyers to be familiar with the most recent developments.

Join Burford Chief Investment officer Jon Molot and Director Andrew Cohen as they discuss key decisions from the last 18 months impacting the commercial legal finance industry.

Commercial legal finance is an accepted norm of the business of law, crucial to the delivery of legal services by leading firms and to clients of every size and industry. Recent decisions by policymakers around the world reflect the new business reality that commercial legal finance is simply another form of corporate finance.

Attendees will learn:

  • Legal finance developments in the last eighteen months
  • The impact of key decisions on the perception of commercial legal finance
  • Recent rulings regarding the relevance of litigation funding documents in patent cases
  • What the Arizona law firm ownership rule change means for the industry as a whole


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