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Reducing legal risks and costs during a downturn down under

  • Matt Lee

Given the economic impact of this global pandemic, companies and law firms are bracing for significant economic headwinds in the year ahead, including constrained access to capital and reduced legal budgets.

In this hour-long webcast, Burford Principal, Matt Lee, and Vice President, Rufus Caine, discuss ways in which companies can access working capital and reduce risk and legal spend by using legal finance and other strategies. The webcast also includes a discussion on how Australian law firms can deploy these tools to benefit both their existing and prospective clients.

By watching the webcast you will learn:

  • How legal finance can help companies remove the risks and costs of litigation and arbitration
  • How legal finance can provide working capital to companies
  • Tools in-house lawyers can use to reduce legal expenses
  • Strategies for monetizing legal assets
  • How Australian law firms can adapt to meet clients’ budgetary constraints.

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Matt Lee