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Assignment of arbitral awards: The what, how and why

  • International arbitration
  • Monetization
November 25, 2022


25 November 2022

After spending crucial time and resources to secure an award, companies are often facing the uphill battle of enforcement. Assigning arbitral awards to third parties may enable companies to accelerate payment.

Join speakers from Freshfields, Airbus and Burford Capital as they discuss the growing trend of award monetization in the EU, review the process to do so, reflect on the complexities of navigating assignment in different jurisdictions and discuss legal and business opportunities to extract value from awards.

Attendees will learn:

  • What makes assignment an attractive option for businesses
  • The market, pricing and options for assignment
  • Issues and defenses raised in different jurisdictions


  • Alon Gordon, Partner, Freshfields
  • Vasuda Sinha, Counsel, Freshfields
  • Alma Forgó, Head of Arbitration, Airbus
  • Philipp Leibfried, UK/European Corporate Counsel, Burford Capital
  • Jörn Eschment, Senior Vice President, Burford Capital
  • Olga Sendetska, Associate, Freshfields (moderating)

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