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Building contingency practices: A conversation with Peter Zeughauser about essential strategies for large law firms

September 17, 2020

In recent years, law firms that have historically billed by the hour have sought to better align their interests with the interests of their clients and to gain a competitive advantage by establishing contingency practices.

In this hour-long webcast, Burford Co-Chief Operating Officer, Aviva Will, talks to Peter Zeughauser, one of the legal industry's premier strategists, about the key factors in building or expanding a risk-based practice. Together, they provide expert insights on ways that hourly-fee based law firms can retrofit their organizations to accommodate a variety of alternative fee pricing models.

Watch the webcast to learn:

  • How to balance law firm priorities with client needs
  • Ways that law firms can obtain client buy in
  • How law firms can align client value with pricing
  • An overview of hybrid pricing arrangements

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