Managing legal risk in 2021

Managing legal risk in 2021

As companies grapple with the continuing economic fallout from Covid-19, the use of legal finance in the 2021 economy will not follow the same model as it did following the 2008 recession. Discover the three key differences.

CFO insights: Leveraging "invisible" legal assets

In a panel with Burford CFO Jim Kilman, finance professionals share how they think about litigation assets and affirmative recovery programs.

Law firm leadership perspective

In December 2020, Burford directed questions concerning law firm trends to a respected group of law firm leaders.

Trends in international arbitration

As in so many aspects of life and law, Covid-19 changed the way claimants pursued arbitration in 2020—but arbitral centers nonetheless reported record-breaking numbers of filings. But key decisions, impending legislation and a renewed interest in funding alternatives may impact arbitration in the months ahead.

Roundtable: Trends in insolvency litigation

In a roundtable moderated by Connor Murphy, four experts discuss the insolvency and restructuring trends they anticipate as the government support that helped keep the global economy in balance following the Covid-19 crisis is withdrawn.

Trends in IP & patent litigation

It is no secret that economic strain tends to spur IP litigation: When cash is scarce, companies are incentivized to extract value from dormant IP assets. With many companies likely to put their IP assets to work in 2021, it should come as good news that regulatory and judicial developments around the world are creating an IP environment that is friendlier to patent holders.

Trends in antitrust & competition litigation

In both the US and Europe, anticompetitive behavior in key industries has drawn the scrutiny of governments and regulators, not to mention efforts by companies harmed by this behavior to be made whole. Learn how companies will alleviate the timing and cost risk traditionally associated with antitrust cases in the year ahead.

Trends in securities litigation

Asset managers face the potential for securities litigation on a scale not seen since the years following the 2008 financial crisis. Having a strategic litigation plan and access to the right tools will help asset managers maximize recoveries for their investors while minimizing burdens on in-house counsel and investment personnel.

Trends in asset recovery

Learn what creditors will need to know about enforcement strategies to recover assets from judgment debtors who, in the face of an ongoing economic downturn, will be even more reluctant to pay.