From reactive to commercially minded—trends in quantifying legal risk

Expert insights: Trends in the oil and gas industry

In the spring of 2021, Burford Director Jeffery Commission asked a group of trial attorneys, arbitration leads and dispute resolution specialists in the energy sector about major risks and opportunities in the oil and gas industry following the pandemic. Their insights are gathered and excerpted below.

The new wave law firm CFO

Over the last decade, law firms have developed a more commercially driven business model to meet growing competition and changing client demands. While this shift has been progressing incrementally for years, the disruption of the last year accelerated progress as firms were quick to reevaluate their technology, operating models and management.

Asset recovery roundtable: Post-pandemic trends in offshore markets

In June 2021, Daniel Hall and Michael Redman, Managing Directors and co-leads of global corporate intelligence at Burford, posed questions on major legal developments in the offshore markets over the past 18 months and economic trends that will play out in the markets post-pandemic to leading litigators, insolvency practitioners and financial professionals in the region

Covid business interruption insurance: What do the numbers tell us?

As predicted, the fallout of the Covid pandemic in the US has included a large wave of insurance coverage litigation, directed primarily at the issue of whether the business interruption coverage included in commercial insurance policies extends to the trillions of dollars in losses flowing from the virus.

Despite Brexit, London retains its appeal as a leading global disputes hub

London’s pre-eminence as a forum for international disputes resolution both in courts and in arbitration is well established. A combination of history, strong rule of law and the city’s status as an international financial center—particularly for banking, insurance, shipping and commodities trade—has contributed to London’s international reputation as an arbitration hub.

Key developments in insolvency funding in Hong Kong and Singapore

Quentin Pak and Emily Tillett provide a deep dive into the developments in insolvency funding in Hong Kong and Singapore. to better understand its current status in these two jurisdictions, the practical considerations of financing in the insolvency context and what lies ahead for legal finance in Asia.