State of the industry issue

The state of the legal finance industry post-Covid

Burford CEO and co-founder Christopher P. Bogart assesses the post-Covid legal finance landscape and finds indicators of continued growth and transformation in litigation and the business of law.

Launching a law firm “from scratch”: Natasha Harrison speaks with Aviva Will

Natasha Harrison, founding partner of Pallas Partners LLP, spoke with Burford Co-COO Aviva Will in May 2022 about starting her own firm, the value of structuring a firm as an ABS and the importance of diversity & inclusion, pro bono work and the environment.

An update on commercial legal finance case law

As the use of legal finance has reached an all-time high for both law firms and in-house legal departments, related case law has reflected, and bolstered, its growing acceptance in several recent decisions.

Legal finance providers and data-driven decision-making

Few private or public legal data platforms have the comprehensive legal data sets that a legal finance provider can amass. Legal finance firms combine their data analytics approach and litigation prowess to add value to law firms and companies in several ways.

How corporate litigants can unlock value from tariff reimbursement claims

US companies have valuable and actionable assets tied up in ongoing litigation challenging tariffs on imported goods. Legal finance can free up that value through a monetization of tariff resolution claims and alleviate pressure on their balance sheets.