The innovation issue

Innovation in the business of law: John B. Quinn speaks with Christopher P. Bogart

John Quinn, managing partner & co-founder of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, spoke with Christopher Bogart, Burford’s CEO, in February 2022. An edited transcript of their conversation, which touched on various areas of innovation in the business of law, appears below.

How to bring certainty to litigation budgets

Greater litigation budget certainty can minimize the risk of pursuing valuable affirmative litigation and arbitration cases. For legal departments whose dockets include affirmative matters, legal finance helps increase budget confident, reduce risk and boost working capital

How legal finance capital facilities power law firm growth and innovation

Law firms are cash businesses. When cash flow and liquidity are critical, portfolio financing presents a ready source of capital for firms to manage expenses and mitigate the risk of affirmative litigation.

How to enforce that judgment: Think like a bad debtor

Companies work with experts to secure litigation favorable judgments only to face obstacles to enforcement. By learning how to “think like a bad debtor,” creditors can work with specialists to pursue multimillion judgments and uncollected awards.

How US corporate claimants can maximize recoveries by opting out of class actions

For a corporate litigant, pursuing a claim as an individual plaintiff could mean getting back three to ten times more than it would by remaining a regular class member. Legal finance providers like Burford help CFOs and GCs understand and value their opt-outs so they can make thoughtful decisions about their litigation and uphold their fiduciary duty.

Understanding the appeal of monetization for companies and law firms

Companies and law firms can monetize pending claims to remove downside risk and accelerate the timing and flow of cash awards.