Increasing certainty in uncertain times

The future of law firm equity in the UK and Australia

Law firms have typically evolved at a glacial speed, but new equity structures allow for greater levels of innovation and better client service.

Litigation in the cryptosphere: A roundtable on trends in cryptocurrency and insolvency

In August 2022, Michael Redman, Salina Brindle and Emily Tillett directed questions concerning cryptocurrency insolvency trends to a group of respected experts in the space.

Focused affirmative recovery practices have changed the landscape of corporate legal departments

Corporations are increasingly investing in affirmative recovery programs that can transform legal departments from cost centers to revenue generators for the business.

Construction disputes soar, along with use of arbitration finance

The construction industry continues to be in flux as it grapples with the effects of Covid-19, global supply chain and labor shortages, drastic inflation and the Russia-Ukraine war. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the industry accounts for a significant portion of disputes across major global arbitration centers.

Why companies opt out of class actions and what they stand to gain: Key takeaways from new research

In recent years, more corporations are choosing to opt out. Recent research commissioned by Burford reveals that companies have tens of millions of dollars in class action claims, which could be generating significantly more recoveries if pursued as an individual plaintiff. Considering in-house counsels’ top reasons for remaining in the class are economic, it’s no surprise that respondents say the availability of a finance solution would positively impact their class action strategy.

A roadmap for monetizing underutilized patents

In this article, we discuss how monetizing and divesting non-crucial patents can provide companies with new revenue. Legal finance is key to patent monetization.