Innovation and the business of law

How legal finance facilitates litigation budgeting

Having reviewed over 12,000 cases and counting, we at Burford are experts at assessing and budgeting for legal risk. The data from those 12,000 cases inform our approach to diligence and serve as an invaluable budgeting resource to our clients. In what follows, we offer guidance on legal budgeting for law firm and in-house lawyers alike, drawn from our extensive experience helping clients achieve successful litigation outcomes.

Best practices for building contingency fee practices: A conversation with Philip Iovieno

At Burford, we routinely hear from Global 100 law firms that wish to expand or establish contingency fee practices. Philip Iovieno, a high-profile commercial litigator with experience on both sides of the “v” who is currently Co-Chair of Cadwalader’s antitrust litigation group, spoke with Burford Chief Marketing Officer Liz Bigham about best practices in building contingency fee practices. Hear their conversation in the four videos to the right or read the edited transcript below.

The rise of claim and award monetizations and assignments in Europe

Monetizations and assignments are used by businesses throughout Europe to de-risk and advance the potential value of pending claims and awards.

An interview with Laura Durrant: Diversity, equity and inclusion in the business of law.

Burford Capital’s Hannah Howlett and Chief Executive Officer of the Black Talent Charter Laura Durrant discuss the Charter’s mission and how to move the needle regarding diversity in the legal profession.

Expert insights: Monetization of corporate patents and patent divestitures  

In May 2023, Eric Carlson directed questions concerning key trends and developments relating to the monetization of corporate patents and patent divestitures to a group of respected experts in the field. Their perspective is gathered below.

Mining sector trends: A roundtable on related disputes

In May 2023, Jeffery Commission directed questions relating to key trends and developments in the global mining industry to a panel of respected industry experts.

An update on case law developments affecting commercial legal finance

As use of legal finance continues to grow, case law and court decisions reflect its growing acceptance.