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From reactive to commercially minded—trends in quantifying legal risk

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Fortune 500 and FTSE350 companies and leading law firms are shifting from the reactive mindset that has dominated the past year to one that is forward-looking and commercially minded. 

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The latest issue of the Burford Quarterly includes:

2021 Legal Asset Report: A survey of finance professionals
New research reveals opportunities for CFOs to enhance liquidity and maximize profits for company shareholders, simply by taking a new approach to their companies’ legal assets. 
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Expert insights: Trends in the oil and gas industry
A group of trial attorneys, arbitration leads and dispute resolution specialists in the energy sector discuss major risks and opportunities in the oil and gas industry following the pandemic.
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Asset recovery roundtable: Post-pandemic trends in offshore markets
Leading litigators, insolvency practitioners and financial professionals weigh in on major legal developments in offshore markets over the past 18 months (and discuss the trends they expect to play out post-pandemic).
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Despite Brexit, London retains its appeal as a leading global disputes hub
While the future of London’s position as one of the most preferred and widely used seats for international arbitration is uncertain, the many significant advantages of arbitrating disputes in London remain consistent post-Brexit.
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Key developments in insolvency funding in Hong Kong and Singapore
As courts in Hong Kong and Singapore show increased willingness to facilitate external finance, it is essential for practitioners to understand practical considerations of financing.
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Covid business interruption insurance: What do the numbers tell us?
As Covid-related business interruption insurance coverage litigation proceeds through the courts, raw numbers seem to indicate momentum—and guarantee a long and costly battle.
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The new wave law firm CFO
As law firms continue to develop a more commercially driven business model to meet growing competition and changing client demands, the law firm CFO is transforming to become a strategy-influencer.
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