A time for bold ideas

As we write this introduction to the latest Burford Quarterly in June 2020, there is still much that remains uncertain about the world and the economy in which we now live and work.

Law firm roundtable: Helping GCs adjust to new economic pressures

In May 2020, Burford Senior Vice President Elizabeth Fisher and Vice President Rufus Caine III asked a select group of leading law firm lawyers about the challenges corporate legal departments face due to the current economic climate and how those lawyers and their firms advise GCs to adjust. Their answers are excerpted and collected below.

Restructuring roundtable: Unlocking liquidity with legal assets

In May 2020, Burford Managing Director Emily Slater and Counsel Robin Ganguly directed questions concerning the impact of Covid-19 and the downturn to a respected group of experts on bankruptcy and insolvency litigation, and their perspectives are gathered below.

Law firm risk sharing and revenue generation

Legal finance equips firms to build and expand contingency practices to meet client demand, solve the partner compensation problem, weather the cost and risk of such an undertaking and reap the financial rewards upon resolution of the matters in a portfolio.

Securities litigation in Australia

An overview of some recent decisions from Australian courts that are changing the way representative actions will be commenced, run, funded and regulated in the future.

Reexamining the role of security for costs

In the last decade, requests for provisional measures in international arbitrations have increased significantly, roughly on par with the number of cases filed. Among these interim measures, security for costs applications have been the most frequently sought, comprising 20% of all provisional measure decisions.

US IP litigation for Asia-based companies

As Asia-based companies consider how best to enforce their US IP, it is incumbent upon them to take advantage of the financial tools at their disposal.