Reducing risk & enhancing liquidity post-pandemic

Health care roundtable: Navigating opportunity after a year of upheaval

In April 2021, Andrew Cohen directed questions concerning the most salient industry forces and the most high-value disputes in the health care sector to a respected group of law firm leaders. Download the Quarterly to learn more.

How the food industry at large is using their invisible assets to power a rebound

The food industry has been involved in significant disputes in recent years, including high-profile allegations of price-fixing among suppliers of beef, turkey, chicken and pork. Financing those claims enables companies to seamlessly and efficiently access millions in capital that can be reinvested in the business. Download the Quarterly to learn more.

The biopharmaceutical industry’s Covid-influenced evolution

The disruption of 2020 presented one of the biggest and most important challenges to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Learn how the pandemic has led to a reevaluation of investment in R&D, an increased interest in parallel therapies and an evolution in how companies manage associated legal risks.

The future of mining post-pandemic

The metals and mining industry has entered an unprecedented period of economic uncertainty. Rocketing costs for exploration and production have impacted profit margins and left investors reluctant to engage with new mining projects. Learn how legal finance can enable mining companies and commodities traders rethink their allocation of legal resources (both time and money) and reevaluate their appetite for risk.

How companies use external capital to manage costs, enhance liquidity and reduce risk

Recent case studies illustrate some of the ways in which Burford has helped companies generate value from what would otherwise be illiquid assets or a drain on corporate budgets.